Need Help

As in, Keep It Simple, Stupid?

Of course you do. We all do. Because keeping our writing simple isn’t easy. It takes practice, thought, and editing, editing, editing.

xkcd writing

THE UP-GOER FIVE TEXT EDITOR is a site dedicated to helping us believe in the power of the 1000 most used words in the English language.  It does it the old-fashioned way – by not letting us write with any of the other gazillion words. As a place to exercise our writing minds, we find it ideal.

So don’t just sit there. GO!

EDITED TO ADD: For the record, we used 13 not most used words in the above article, one of them three times. But, hey, we were able to whittle our vocabulary down enough to 78 that the editor allows. So we’re kinda impressed with ourselves. (But then, we’re easy that way.)


Oh, and don’t miss out on XKCD.Com, one of the funniest – and smartest and hippest – cartoon sites on the interwebs.