munchman’s got a secret – and it’s a BLOODY one


It’s WTF Wednesday, and yer friendly neighborhood munchman has just whatcha need to beat the heat while really, really, really feeling, “What the fuck?”

In the few months that I’ve been working with SouthEast Asia Animation (my el muncho toro spelling of the moniker, not theirs), I’ve become fascinated by the whole animation process, so today I thought I’d share a couple of nuggets – or is it nougats? – of info.

First up is a test animatic from a vamp western (as in vampires, m’friends) series SEAA and I’re working on called Sangre De Cristo, which yer munched one thinks means “The blood of Christ.” Of course, it really isn’t Christ’s blood – I mean that’s wine, isn’t it? Or pee or – oh, right – water, methinks I remember it now.

Anyway, the title’s mostly for atmosphere, although there’s the situation’s actually more complicated than that. And the blood is…well it’s human, kind of. At least it was human before it became vampire blood. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

As you can see, I’m not nearly as informed as I should be about what I’m doing cuz it’s TOP EFFIN’ SECRET GODDAMMIT. But what you’re about to see is Pretty Damn Cool for reals and I defy anybody anywhere to say it isn’t.

What’s that? Oh, yeah, some of you may not know what an animatic is. That I can tell you. It’s kind of an intermediate step between a storyboard and the finished animation. A format where storyboard images are cut to the various SFX, music, and dialog and do some primitive movement. Instead of showing all the in-between moves in a sequence, the animatic just shows the beginning and the end of each move. LB sez it’s animation done by artists called in-betweeners, but since artists called in-betweeners are long gone from the biz there’s no in between.

Dig it:

See? I was right, wasn’t I? You know I was.

The second little tidbit for ya is this TOP EFFIN’ SECRET URL for the location of our equally primitive and not at all ready for primetime SEAA test website. Having this is a real special privilege, m’luvs, so keep it tight, okay? Don’t abuse it:

By the way, if you’re the Best Damn Web Designer in the Ever-Munching Universe and you’ll work for free or just a little above free or the chance to maybe get a personal email from el munchero here, we could really use your help. Just drop me a line HERE. Hells, kids, you don’t want to miss a chance to work in Bangkok, or at least talk to somebody who works in Bangkok, does ya?

Buh-bye 4 now,

yer ever-lovin’ munchalito