Munchman sees ‘One Day at a Time’

by Munchman

This mini review will be short – like the show, which is a half-hour Netflix presentation that reboots Norman Lear’s late ’70s-early ’80s sitcom, One Day at a Time – and probably sweeter than the crappy pilot I just watched.

Oh, damn, I gave it away. Shit.

Did I just say “shit?” Crap, I gave it away again.

I know, I’m running out of short time. Here’s the gist of my feelings:

ODAAT is getting great reviews. I certainly don’t see why. It’s a total throwback to old-time TV, including horrifically insulting stereotypes of Cubanos, the straight-line, straight-line, punchline joke delivery pattern, overacting that could only be justified if this was recorded at the Rose Bowl, idiotic solving of idiotic problems in an idiotically short time-frame, and a laugh track that only The Joker could abide.

Critics keep saying how amazing it is that Lear, who has been actively involved in this production, which was written and developed by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, can be so smart, hip, and aware at the age of 94. I have news for them. If they really believe that, then they don’t know a damn thing about intelligence, awareness, and (yeppers, I’m going for the gold now) what’s in, what’s out, what’s right, and what’s wrong about contemporary culture.

What a &%#! waste for everyone involved, especially the very talented Justina Machado and the still wonderful Rita Moreno, who should fire their agents ASAP for even showing them the script.



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