munchman: RICK AND MORTY is the Best Show on TV

rick and morty on tvwriter.comby munchman

The Good:

  1. It features a whole universe full of Ricks and Mortys, AKA DOCTOR WHO’s Doctor and whomever is his current companion, AKA BACK TO THE FUTURE’s Doc Brown and Marty.
  2. It’s totally irreverent. Rick is a genius and master of travel through time, space, and dimension. He’s also a miserable and physically disgusting old drunk who is using Morty – his grandson – as a shield to escape detection from all the enemies he makes in his travels.
  3. It turns every show in the super scientist hero genre completely upside down. Nobody is good. Nobody is evil. Everybody just – is. Including the alien villains – and allies.
  4. It’s funny as hell. Even your grandmother will laugh after she finishes complaining about the swearing and shit.
  5. It has a plan. A worldview. A philosophy of life. A grand arc into which every damn thing that happens fits. Everything.
  6. It proves that RICK AND MORTY co-creator Dan Harmon really is the genius COMMUNITY cultists have been claiming…even if the true sign of his genius is that he partnered up with series co-creator Justin Roiland.

The Bad:

  1. Nada.
  2. Zip.
  3. Zilch.
  4. The Big Zero.

What? You’re still here at TVWriter™? Forget us. Go where Rick and Morty live. Watch all the episodes. Then play the RICK AND MORTY RUSHED LICENSED ADVENTURE Game.

And then give thanks to whatever deity you worship, especially if it happens to be Dan Harmon, that this masterpiece has been picked up for a second season, in spite of Deity Dan Harmon’s reputation/personality/inability to play well with others. (Think about that one.)

In other words:


Ooh, ooh, ooh – it’s the !$#@ pilot!