munchman: Network Bosses Discuss Their Genius

…Demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mitt Romney is far from unique:

Network Honchos Survey the New TV Season – by Michael Schneider

The next few weeks will be rough for the networks, as they parse what works — and what doesn’t — among this year’s crop of new shows. We asked the five broadcast network heads, plus a few key cable bosses, to give us their thoughts on what will big on the small screen.

TV Guide Magazine: What will be your network’s new sleeper hit?

Paul Lee (ABC Entertainment Group president): I don’t want to jinx.

Nina Tassler (CBS Entertainment president):Never predict.

Kevin Reilly (Fox Entertainment president): Ben and Kate

Jennifer Salke (NBC Entertainment president): Hannibal (midseason)

Mark Pedowitz (The CW president): Emily Owens, M.D.

Jeff Wachtel (USA Network co-president): Suits

Michael Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM president, head of programming): Monday Mornings(summer 2013)

TV Guide Magazine: What actor is a superstar in the making?

Lee (ABC): Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Krysten Ritter (Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23)

Tassler (CBS): Michael Urie (Partners)

Reilly (Fox): Jordana Spiro (Mob Doctor), Dakota Johnson (Ben and Kate)

Salke (NBC): Andrew Rannells (The New Normal), Josh Gad (1600 Penn, mid-season)

Pedowitz (The CW): Stephen Amell (Arrow), Mamie Gummer (Emily Owens, M.D.), AnnaSophia Robb (The Carrie Diaries, mid-season), Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast)

Chris McCumber (USA Network co-president): Aaron Tveit (Graceland, 2013); Gareth Malone(The Choir, 2013)

Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM): Drew RoyConnor JessupJessy Schram (all from Falling Skies)

TV Guide Magazine: Which show would you love to steal from a rival?

Lee (ABC): Homeland (Showtime)

Tassler (CBS): Nashville (ABC)

Reilly (Fox): Nashville (ABC). But we would do it differently.

Salke (NBC): The Following (Fox); Nashville (ABC)

Pedowitz (The CW): None

McCumber (USA): The Mindy Project (Fox)

Wachtel (USA): Homeland (Showtime)

Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM): Once Upon a Time (ABC)

TV Guide Magazine: How do you watch TV?

Lee (ABC): On a television set in my living room.

Tassler (CBS): Broadcast and cable series on my big screen; rough cuts on my iPad.

Reilly (Fox): I am now 50/50 between streaming on iPad and DVR/big screen.

Salke (NBC): In bed with family and dogs at the end of the day. Some live TV but mostly on the DVR.

Pedowitz (The CW): On the TV.

McCumber (USA): Big screen (living room); iPad (train)

Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM): We use our ‘smart TV,’ which lets us surf between DirecTV, Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube and the web, all from one screen.

TV Guide Magazine: What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

Lee (ABC): Call of the Wildman (Animal Planet)

Tassler (CBS): Girls (HBO)

Reilly (Fox): Pawn Stars (History)

Salke (NBC): Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC) and The Real Housewives (Bravo)

Pedowitz (The CW): The Walking Dead (AMC)

McCumber (USA): Anything on VH1 Classic

Wachtel (USA): Bravo with my 15-year-old daughter; old Family Guy (Fox) episodes with my 12-year-old son.

Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM): Hell’s Kitchen (Fox)

TV Guide Magazine: What failed show is “the one that got away”?

Lee (ABC): None

Tassler (CBS): Swingtown

Reilly (Fox): Lone Star

Salke (NBC): Awake. It was too ambitious for a large audience.

Pedowitz (The CW): Ringer

Wachtel (USA): We’ve been enjoying a pretty good run, so it wouldn’t be fair to kvetch about the rare one that didn’t.

Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM): Men of a Certain Age. “It was very tough to lose that show — it still bothers me.

TV Guide Magazine: What show do rabid fans email you about the most?

Lee (ABC): Once Upon a Time

Tassler (CBS): The Young and the Restless

Reilly (Fox): FringeI got about 200 cases of Red Vines from Fringe fans last year.

Salke (NBC): Days of Our Lives

Pedowitz (The CW): Supernatural

McCumber (USA): PsychIf you don’t count the Walker, Texas Ranger emails.

Wright (TNT/TBS/TCM): Falling Skies

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So how does this prove they’re all Republican Presidential Candidate material?

Hey, if you have to ask, then you deserve what you get, on TV and in the White House.