munchman: ‘Jeopardy’ Exec. Producer Mike Richards picks himself as host.

mike “the accused” richards

Q. Has ‘Jeopardy’ damaged its integrity by considering its current executive producer for the hosting gig?

A. No, instead the show has blown itself into total  annihilation by giving this butthead the job.


Here’s how yer favorite munchmonster’s all-time journalist idol, Roger (don’tcha dare call him kinky) Friedman (who proved his heroism eons ago when he was fired by FoxNews because“…Friedman’s views in no way reflect the views of News Corp., put it yesterday on his killer website, Showbiz911.Com:

Over at “Jeopardy,” Executive Producer Mike Richards has appointed himself permanent host. His background of lawsuits at “The Price is Right” didn’t matter. But because this looked [bad], CBS — which syndicates the show– threw in [munchman’s choice] Mayim Bialik…to host specials and a spin off show…. I’ll take “The Fix Is In” [for] four hundred.

Way to go, Mayim! Kick some big primetime butt, baby. As for you, daytime host Mikerocephaplic Richards, yer an even bigger

than yrs. truly thought.

By all means, read the previous article on this upsetting subject HERE

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