munchman: Buy Herbie J Pilato’s Newest Book

by munchman

Herbie J & Mrs. Brady
Herbie J & Mrs. Brady

Cuz if you don’t you’ll really have missed something special!

Besides, Herbie J is one of TVWriter™’s biggest friends. And what are friends for?

To be precise, dood’s been contributing to this site since it first began, a generation ago. Back when LB’s hair was dark and Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman was…well, I was in junior high school, actually, hanging with the in-crowd in scene Westlake Village, CA. (And pretending it was Westwood cuz…hey, I was a pretentious little shit, what can I say?)

You can find out more about what the Herbster is up to HERE.

Oh, and HERE too.

Yeppers, it’s the Wonderful World of Podcasting. And Herbie J gives great interview.