More Unpaid Staff Writers Wanted on the Interweb


See, it isn’t just, erm, us. A site called Hidden Remote, whose goal “has always been to provide enough quality content to make ourselves a consistent daily resource for news and information for all your television news” is building a team of writers to help them do that job.

New writers will “start out in unpaid positions,” but the site has promoted from within before and plans to continue that process. You can find out more about their needs and fill out an application HERE.

And while you’re doing that, we here at TVWriter™ will be checking out the site itself cuz let’s face it, we’d much rather get our insider news from new guys just worming themselves in than from the usual suspects we’ve all had to rely on for so long.

Good luck, job seekers. Write if you get work! (Write to us and dish, that’s what we mean.)