More Insights on Sharpening Your Creative Mind

This article must be good. It starts with a pic that quote John Cleese.

Oh, wait, we don’t like him anymore. Seems kinda dickish. Got a hell of a website though. (Well, except for the fact that there isn’t much there as of this writing.)

And now for something completely different:

john cleese on creativity

by Jocelyn K. Glei

Bringing incredible creative projects to life demands much hard work down in the trenches of day-to-day idea execution. Genius truly is “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” But we cannot forget the flip side of that 99% — it’s impossible to solve every problem by sheer force of will.We must also make time for play, relaxation, and exploration, the essential ingredients of the creative insights that help us evolve existing ideas and set new projects in motion.

To keep your creative mind sharp as a knife, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favorite tips on aha moments and pushing through creative blocks.

Trying to figure out how to overcome that nagging creative block? Talk it out with someone who knows absolutely nothing about what you do.

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The Cure for Creative Blocks? Leave Your Desk.
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Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity
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Are You an Armchair Creative?
It turns out that armchair creatives actually get MORE done. Find out how alternating intense “desk focus” with a relaxed setup can increase productivity.