Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 7/8/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Deborah Schoenman (GIRLS) is developing a drama series for E! based on her New York Times article, What’s He Really like? Check the App, about a woman whose hot social network app really pisses people off.  (Which sounds more like a comedy premise to yer munchy one, but then again I’ve been accused of thinking everything in this world is funny. I might agree with that too, but with one exception: Television, of course.)
  • Cyrus Voris & Ethan Reiff (LEGENDS) are developing an as yet unnamed political thriller for Spike TV. (Sounds like a serious, genre, no? So this must really be a comedy cuz…see above.)
  • Mike Ostrowski (Beth’s brother CSI: MIAMI) has an overall deal at Sony and will start as a writer-producer on THE BLACKLIST. (The deal is being touted as “underscoring the studios’ need for senior-level writer-producers,” which makes it sound entirely political instead of being based on Mike’s talent. Well, the guy does have gray hair, but c’mon! If they want to hand out deals to oldtimers there’s a thousand other writers they could’ve picked. Oh, wait…that doesn’t sound too good for Mike either, does it? Sorry, buddy, everybody knows – or should know – that you’re an awesome talent!)
  • Ron Leshem (Israel’s GORDIN CELL) is developing CRATER LAKE, a drama about how death changes people, for international distribution. (Hey, that’s what it sez. Think we’ll be watching the hero’s body bloat and stiffen and decay, with the skin crumbling and…uh-oh, writing this is making me hungry. Gotta go munch something!)