Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 6/25/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Liz Benjamin (BONES) is writing the pilot for MAGIC CITY MEMOIRS, a Fox drama about the rich, smart and, yes, young descendants of Cuban emigres paying the piper in Miami. (Cuz, you know, even the “good” Cubans are really “bad.” They must be – not only do they have accents they also don’t have a tough lobby to save them from being scapegoated…yet.)
  • Christopher Lloyd (MODERN FAMILY) is returning to the aforementioned show after intense negotiations. (Cuz, $$$$$$$$$$, and why the hell not?)
  • For reasons that are totally incomprehensible to ye munchie one, Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage (GOSSIP GIRL) have gotten themselves another huge overall deal, this one at Universal. (And don’t anybody say “cuz GOSSIP GIRL. I mean, c’mon, gang, that thing never worked for anybody. The only thing yer muncher can come up with as a reason for this team’s success is – hey, they’re young(ish) and good lookin’. And we all know how important that is when it comes to writing and producing in H’wood, don’t we?)
  • Speaking of careers I can’t understand, Alex Barnow & Marc Firek (THE GOLDBERGS) have a new overall deal with Sony Pictures Television. (And don’t anybody say “cuz THE GOLDBERGS. I mean, c’mon, gang – have any of you seen that show? Didn’t think so. No. And that makes you the lucky huge majority.)