Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/4/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Blake Herron (THE BOURNE IDENTITY) will write an untitled action drama for TNT about a super agent. (Who just might remind some of the audience of a certain Jason Bourne. Totally coincidental, of course.)
  • Josh Heald (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE) is writing a TBS comedy  which also is untitled but probably won’t be anything like THE BOURNE IDENTITY. (Although some viewers might wish it was.)
  • Vince Gilligan (BREAKING BAD, natch) has sold an 11 year old drama spec to CBS and will share showrunner/writer duties with none other than David Shore (HOUSE). (The show’s about two “very different” cops who team up to inflict justice on the town of Battle Creek, Michigan. And after hearing that description all we can say is, it better be fucking funny.)
  • Josh Harto & Liz Garcia (MEMPHIS BEAT) are adapting Anne Rice’s Songs of the Seraphim novels into a series for CBS. (And we’re going way out on a limb here to tell ya that the series will be so much better than the original books it’ll make Anne Rice’s head bleed. No, we haven’t seen any advance script pages we just luv MEMPHIS BEAT. Watch it if you can and see why. Go on. We dare ya.)
  • Emily Goldwyn & Sasha Spielberg (newbie daughters of famous dads) are writing an ABC comedy pilot called GIRLS WITHOUT BOYS, which we really, really, really hope is about lesbians cuz we’re sort of bent that way.  (And regardless of whether it is or not, we’re hoping even more that the father of one of these fine lady writers stays totally out of the loop of the show cuz let’s face it, Stevie S. doesn’t exactly have the best TV track record in the world.)
  • Joel Hlavin (UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING) is writing the pilot for OASIS, a si-fi thriller, for CBS. (And while we’re getting a little tired of science fiction everywhere we look, we admit to being curious about any show about “the inhabitants of a new…perfect community, who discover there may be danger….” Actually, what really makes us curious here is the understatement in the announcement. It’s so unlike good ole broadcast TV.)

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