Looking for a Writing Gig on a Major Web Site?


Consumerist.Com is looking for a writer to post on weekends cuz currently they don’t do much of that kind of thing on account of not enough manpower. (This is what separates majors like Consumerist from minors like TVWriter™ – we always post on weekends, even though we don’t have the manpower either cuz…love, baby, love.)

If you’re an experienced freelance writer who works quickly and, it says here, independently, Consumerist is interested in you. And even more interested if you have a background in the various consumer goods that the site writes about. (Just being an experienced consumer probably isn’t enough, but who knows?)

We minions here at TVWriter™ lurve Consumerist. The writing is crisp and entertaining as well as helpful, and they’ve got the clout to step in and help with delicate buyer-seller issues involving major corporations. If you’re interested, why not check out the site and send them an email to, as they put it, “make your case?”

Good luck!