Let’s Talk About Feedback – the PEOPLE’S PILOT Kind

Yo, PEOPLE’S PILOT Entrants! (And other, um, interested parties)

We sent this info out as an email to members of the TVWriter™ e-mailing list and all 2014 People’s Pilot entrants yesterday, but for those who missed it:


TVWriter™ has gotten a ton of emails this week asking what is undeniably The Most Important Question Ever about the 2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT.

No, it’s not, “Who won?” which everyone will find out in 2 weeks or less, it’s:

“When am I going to get my free feedback?”

In a sense, that question is answered on TVWriter™’s PEOPLE’S PILOT mini-site, where we say:

“After the Winners are announced, all entrants will receive an e-mail containing the actual score given by the judges, an explanation of what its point value means, and the judges’ general reaction to the entry.”

But we agree that’s pretty damn vague. So here’s something more specific:

We’ve speeded up the judging considerably this year by running the PEOPLE’S PILOT and SPEC SCRIPTACULAR at separate times, with the result that unless all hell breaks loose we’ll be sending everyone’s free feedback during the last week of July, or first week of August.

There ya go. Now lie back, chill, and get your spec episode/screenplay/special ready so you can start stressing out over the SPEC SCRIPTACULAR. (Just like we already are.)


LB & Team TVWriter™