LB: Time for a few words about ’70s teen idol Bobby Sherman

by Larry Brody

I’m pretty stoked about this profile of Bobby Sherman for two reasons.

  1. Bobby was the big breakout star from the TV series Here Come the Brides, which was the show that gave me my first TV writing assignment. Which means that of course it was a great series. I mean, look how good their writing judgment was!
  2. The article actually quotes me. Proving this site also has excellent judgment regarding writers.

Here’s my bit:

Television writer Larry Brody who worked with him on the series, once recalled people tuned in more because of Sherman. Consequently, the scripts began emphasizing his character even more.

Brody explained his character was written as stuttering for the first season but that things changed after he cemented his name as a pop star.

Okay so not a direct quote, but, hell, indirect is better than nothing. And the interview in which I said this probably occurred at least fifteen years ago. (Too bad we don’t get paid when our opinions are re-run.)

The Sherman profile, by Gaone Pule, is a very complete one, and well worth reading. You can find it HERE

Author: LB

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