LB: Brace Yourselves for a SPEC SCRIPTACULAR Announcement


Apologies for the teaser headline, but I’m having a problem with impulse control. I think it comes from working too closely with munchman.

I’m posting this today to let all the 2013 Spec Scriptacular entrants know that you haven’t been forgotten. Yesterday we posted the People’s Pilot Semi-Finalists, and the Spec Scriptacularites will have a bright, shining day in the sun next week, either one week from today or – if things go as well as they’ve been going – earlier.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll continue alternating announcements until mid-September, when everyone will know who won the latest – and greatest in terms of the quality of the entries – Spec Scriptacular and People’sPilot contest.

Which reminds me. A couple of people have written to ask why we’re spacing the announcements out instead of trumpeting all the placings at once. I don’t know what other contests do or why they do it, but TVWriter™ takes this road because:

  1. No way can we decide Winners, Finalists, and Semi-Finalists in one fell swoop. The differences between the evaluations are often so small and subjective (and the arguments about them so loud and painful) that it takes literally weeks of ongoing agonizing to arrive at the ultimate conclusions.
  2. As soon as we make our decisions about each level of placings, I just can’t wait to share them. It’s a joy to know others are going to be just as excited – maybe even more – about the results as I am. (There’s that impulse control problem again.)

There you have it. More good news definitely is on the way, gang. Meanwhile – keep writing!





Author: LB

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