LB: 2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT Update

Good news for almost all the entrants in the 23rd People’s Pilot. I’ve finished and sent out all the free Feedback for entries in both the One Hour and Half-Hour categories.

Entrants, please check your email, including your spam box, to see what the judges – and I – thought were the strengths and weaknesses of your work and how I think it can be improved. And if you discover that you haven’t received your Feedback, let me know HERE so I can feel guilty.

Oh no, wait, that’s not it. I mean let me know so I can find out what went wrong and fix it. Absolutely gonna fix it and get you the Feedback you’ve been pining for!

And, FWIW, I’m also gonna write about what I learned from reading all this material because I’m really exhausted energized by what our TVWriter™ contests are all about and can’t wait to share it.






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