Joan Rivers Does Her Douchebag Thing…Again

In case anybody needed another reason to despise the old bitch:

Joan Riversby Todd Cunningham

Writers Guild blasts the host, a WGAE member, for flipping after she earlier urged the network to negotiate immediately to avoid an expulsion hearing

“Fashion Police” host Joan Rivers was back in hot water with the Writers Guild Thursday after saying “E! was right” in its stance against eight striking staffers she referred to as “poor shmuck writers.”

The host last month was brought up on charges and faced a fine and expulsion from her union, the Writers Guild of America East, for writing for the show while her team was on strike. She avoided the trial by agreeing to stop writing and urge E! to reach a settlement with her staff, but her new stance reverses that position.

“How dare she at first proclaim solidarity with fellow writers and then so crassly stab them in the back?” asked WGAE President Michael Winship in a statement issued Thursday.

“What she has said is not only reprehensible but flies in the face of a settlement with the WGAE to which she agreed,” he continued. “She should be ashamed of herself, although it is clear that the concept of shame does not trouble what little conscience she has.  Because the strike continues, she must continue to refuse to write, but her latest statement egregiously violates the spirit of the rest of the settlement. We are exploring all options.”

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