It’s TVWriter™ – PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 Flash Sale Time

NOTE FROM LB: The PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 Midsummer Madness Flash Sale described below is now over. But, as Stan Lee might have said, don’t despair true believers. We aren’t finished, um,”flashing”yet!

In case you missed our email, here’s what’s going on.

Today, August 15th, you can enter as many original spec pilot scripts as you’ve got for our Midsummer Madness Flash Sale Price of $25/entry, just by CLICKING HERE before 7 PM Pacific Time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After paying the entry fee you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment containing the information you need for submitting your entry. You may upload your entry and any replacement drafts at any time between the time of payment and the November 1st closing of this year’s contest.

If you need to learn more about PEOPLE’S PILOT 2019 before making this important decision, by all means CLICK HERE

Today’s Flash Sale is also available via our favorite contest and festival jumping-off point – FilmFreeway – and continues till there till MIDNIGHT. Just be sure to use the special discount code, “MSMFLASH815” – without the “” after you CLICK HERE

As usual, if you run into any problems, contact us ASAP at

The clock is ticking, so hurry! And remember, you can pay now and upload and/or revise your entry later, when it’s ready. Because what we want most is your writing at its very, very best.