It’s Kickstarter Film Fest Time!

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Well, almost. Actually, the 2014 Kickstarter Film Fest starts in a week, on July 18th, featuring film and video projects that all exist because they were funded on Kickstarter…and even the most hardened of those here at TVWriter™ (um, that would be munchman) think that most of them deserved those funds.

This is the fourth annual Kickstarter celebration of features, shorts, documentaries, animations, and other video art made by Kickstarter creators, and the selections were chosen from over a thousand entries. Our favorite festival selection is STAN, a Claymation animated short by Meirav Haber of Burbank, CA. (A neighbor…practically!) But there are several bunches more to choose from and they’re all My-T-Fine.

Check it all out right HERE.