It’s January 2, 2014. Have you entered the People’s Pilot yet?

JFC, people! JFC! The 2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT has been open for almost 24 hours. Which means that you’re losing valuable time.

Well, okay, not that much time. The PP doesn’t close until June 1st, giving you 5 months to whip your pilot script into shape and submit it. What we’re really concerned about is that you’ll miss TVWriter™’s fabulous Early Bird Entry Special, which knocks the cost down from $50 to $35 per entry until March 1.

And that, friends and neighbors, is one helluva bargain, especially in view of the fact that you don’t even have to cross your fingers, say your prayers, and submit your script at the same time you pay. You still have until the June 1 closing date to perfect your pilot…cuz we at TVWriter™ are pretty darn good at keeping records, you know?

(Uh-oh. Is that going to come back and bite us in the butt? Sure hope not.)

Bottom line: Your friendly neighborhood Team TVWriter™ cordially invite you to pay now, at the special rate, and enter later, in the name of sound fiscal policy, something most writers usually have no part of.

Get all the PEOPLE’S PILOT info HERE.

Pays yer money HERE.

See how much we love you, baby?