Is Every Film Ever Made Becoming a TV Series This Year? Yikes!

Time now for all of us to get up to date so we can properly castigate one of the absolutely dumbest trends in current TV programming:


by Oliver Lyttleton

Network TV is reaching the point of critical mass similar to the one that shook the music industry a few years ago: a crucible of absolute, sheer panic. Ratings plummet every year, very few shows work or connect on a big level, and even the biggest flagship series are watching their ratings matched or superseded by upstarts from cable TV and streaming services. The result is that executives are floundering desperately, and the next development season indicates that extant hysteria, with a slew of projects that aim to translate brand-name movies to TV.

The latest baffling announcement (via The Hollywood Reporter) is a TV series version of Gregory Holbit‘s 2000 sci-fi drama “Frequency” will be developed for some reason.  And with that project being revealed in the last couple of days, we thought it was a good excuse to round up all the similar productions in development; it’s an insanely long list that indicates a desire to take (semi-well-known) name properties that worked on the big screen and mine those ideas for long form narrative storytelling. At first, some of the ideas felt inspired; some of these basic movie ideas could flourish in a setting that can marinate on character and a slow build. But it’s starting to feel like the blind leading the blind, with execs simply trying to mimic what everyone else is doing. The TV process being what it is, it’s likely that a majority of these won’t make it to series (or even to the pilot stage), but it’s a pretty good indication of the creative bankruptcy that’s sinking the networks right now. Take a look below, let us know what you’re most dreading in the comments.

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