INFINITE at MCM London Comic Con

Producer-Creator-Writer Paul
INFINITE Producer-Creator-Writer Paul Cotrulia

Last September we wrote about a new British science fiction web series being made with Big Media production values. Since that article, Paul Cotrulia and the INFINITE crew have been steadily moving forward. Last week they paid a visit to the MCM London Comic Con. This cool peek is the result:

Here’s how Paul tells it:

Infinite is a live action British web series being made with television production values. Three of the characters were revealed last month at the UKs biggest pop culture event MCM London Comic Con.
This exclusive video has just been released of the Infinite cast and crew at MCM London Comic Con featuring a glimpse at their first successful Q&A panel and a sneak peek at a publicity photo shoot with series villain Nicholas Briggs as Richter.
Infinite is set for landmark status on YouTube and rumours are already flying about a theatrical feature film.
Space opera fans can follow the series on twitter facebook and subscribe on YouTube to watch the series for free