Indie Video: Southeast Asia Animation Wants Your Opinion


by Larry Brody

fantastic-friends-posterOver the past few months I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working with an animation company called Southeast Asia Animation. TVWriter™ has posted some examples of its work.

SEAA is an anime studio headquartered in Bangkok. The CEO is a 17 year old American who has put together a team of young Thai animators creating what they call Thai Kaeng Style Anime, an eccentric amalgam of old and new methods and concepts.

So far, the Thai Kaeng (Kaeng means “Gang” in Thai) has created the entire first season of a web series called The Fantastic Friends and is in the midst of putting together Sangre De Cristo, another show intended as either a web series or a  broadcast series or a cable series – or whatever we should be calling all the New Media delivery places out there.jack-iron-lotus-sdc-poster-1-e1473822948819

The SEAA website is set to launch before the end of this month with the first episode of The Fantastic Friends, but I’m inviting you, the TVWriter™ Gang, to take a preview look at what’s there. The Thai Kaeng and I are eager to hear your reactions to both the site and its shows.

Industry insiders and friends have already had one Acme Ton O’Stuff’s worth of looks at what the company is up to, so I’m not asking for notes. (Yeah, you know I hate that kind of thing anyway.)

But you and those you know who are into anime and animation and unbound creation are SEAA’s audience, and inasmuch as the Thai Kaeng’s major purpose is not only to express its members’ creativity but also entertain as many viewers as it can, I look forward to your input in the comments section below or HERE.

More importantly, SEAA.MEDIA is HERE

Oh, and here’s the carrot: Helpful suggestions will be rewarded. You heard me. It’s Not-A-Contest-Time, y’all


2 thoughts on “Indie Video: Southeast Asia Animation Wants Your Opinion”

  1. The Sangre de Christo piece was interesting. A different style than Japanese Animé. A lot of animation shortcuts, but that’s true of a lot of animé and TV animation anywhere. I think it would feel more at home as a web series than on TV.

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