Indie Video: ‘Made in Mosjøen’

For film students.

No, we mean it. This is definitely for film students.


Munchman bingewatched and made it through Episode 12. The rest of us minions…well, the farthest anybody else got was Episode 8.

But we were on deadline. You, our faithful readers, have, you know, all day.

Use your time wisely. Beat the Munchovika if you can!

(You’ll know what we’re talking about after you’ve seen a couple of episodes of this web series, which in its entirety seems to have been created for one special reason: To make Scorsese and Bergman cry.)

Writer/director: Aleksander L. Nordaas
DOP: Geir M.V. Andersen
Head of Production: Marit Thrana
Music: Raymond Enoksen

Edie: Marit Thrana
Sanders: Jørn Østvik
Trine: Johanne Fossheim
The Artist: Kristian Winther

Shot on location in Mosjøen (Tobiassenbrygga/Heime hos Ane)

Full credits after final episode 19.

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