Indie TV: Here’s a Scene from “Sangre De Cristo”

by Larry Brody

SDC-Poster-Jack-IL-01About a week ago TVWriter™ showed a poster for Southeast Asia Animation’s upcoming new series (I’m deliberately being vague because we don’t yet know if it will be a web series or shown on “real” TV). Today we’re going a bit further. Have a look at our first scene.

It’s totally out of context, but the Thai Gang – or, in Thai, the Thai Kaeng – members who’ve put it together hope y’all like it and welcome your comments on the following:

What you’ve just seen is a prime example of Thai Kaeng Style anime – the intermixing of Thai cultural sensibilities with two legendary Western genres that are totally alien to the Thai perspective: Western movies and, believe it or not, vampires.

When you get down to it, though, nothing matters but this:

It’s all about the blood!

Author: LB

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