Hypable.Com Needs a New TV Writer


Hypable, a site dedicated to in-depth coverage of various genre fandoms uses volunteer writers to cover TV, movie, and book series in their chosen arenas, and right now they’re looking for a writer who can…oh, wait, let them tell it:

Today we’re looking to bring on a writer who can cover at least three of the following television shows: Scandal, American Horror Story, The Catch, The Vampire Diaries, and Quantico.

By agreeing to cover these, please know that we will ask you to write at least three original articles per week, per show while it’s in-season. While the show is not airing there are far fewer requirements. We also ask that each writer covers at least one in-season show all year (in other words: when your usual shows are off in the summer, we’d like you to write about a show that airs over that summer).

While this is a volunteer position (we pride ourselves on being run by fans and not a corporation), we’ll help you get the experience you need if you’re pursuing a career in writing about TV. What’s more: if you’re in college and looking for the coolest internship ever, Hypable can offer internship credits! (Staying at home to write about TV? What could be better!?)

We think this is a good opportunity – almost as good as, you know, volunteering to write for a certain even cooler (as in ubercool, ya hear?) site called TVWriter™. Details on how to apply for the Hypable gig are HERE

While we’re at it, for details about becoming a writer or even a Contributing Editor (if you have the cred) email us HERE