How to Make Big $$$ Writing on the Interwebs

First, move to China. Second, write for the Chinese interwebs. Third…yeah, now you’re getting it. Details are right here:

nirvana in fire

by Liang Shih-huang & (unidentified) Staff Reporter

The assignment and transfer of intellectual property rights over internet writing has emerged as a new business in China, attracting attention from investors interested in using such work for TV and film.

Internet literature has developed significantly in China over the past 10 years, with many works becoming the main source material for TV and film productions. Given their strong demand for material, many TV and film production companies have turned to buying the rights to such works.

As of the end of 2014, the copyright to over 114 online novels had been sold to investors interested in using them for producing audio and video products, including 90 for TV dramas and 24 for films.

The Chinese online literature industry’s production value is estimated to reach 7 billion yuan (US$1.1 billion) by the end of this year, making it a mainstream sector in China’s culture and entertainment industry.

Notably, these online literary works have accumulated a large number of fans, helped create several big names and become a major cash cow by linking with other lucrative sectors in the entertainment industry….

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