How to Help Yourself Finish What You Start

…You know, like a spec script or a pilot presentation or a video. The important things in life:

Having Trouble Finishing Your Labor Of Love? – by Mark McGuiness

Everyone thinks they have a book inside them, but not so many make the time and effort to bring it to birth. For ‘book’ you could substitute ‘screenplay’, ‘album’, ‘startup’, or ‘crocheted iPad case for your Etsy shop’.

All of these are self-started creative projects – labors of love that we feel inspired to do in spite (or maybe because) of the fact no one is pressuring us to get them done. If you can actually see a project like this through to completion, it’s one of the biggest creative buzzes you will ever experience.

But getting it done – without a boss or client told you to account, and with precious little spare time or money – is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face.

This was brought home to me recently when I decided to write a book, in the middle of running my own business and being responsible for two blogs and two toddlers. I’ve now finished the draft, and am in the process of revising it for the editor. So with in the end in sight, I thought I’d share a few of the principles that helped me get this far.

1. Make it worth the sacrifice.
Unless you have more spare time and resources than most of us, you will have to sacrifice something to make room for your project…

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This is worth reading for its pragmatic sensibility. Of particular importance for us was the writer’s Tip #4: “Make yourself accountable.” At first we thought, “Duh…’ but then realized that without a boss or a salary it has been all too easy for us to let things slide in the past, even though we really wanted to do them. So now we’re telling you, so you can hold us to it: “Got a pilot script to finish, dammit! By the end of next week. We’re gonna go, go, go…”

But then what’ll happen to everything we wanted to put on this blog in the next 10 days? Uh-oh…

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