Here’s One Way to Get Noticed

Did you ever daydream about making a video that goes viral, and that video makes you rich and famous?

Yeah, so did these guys. But then they did something about it:

UPDATE: HBO’s CEO Applauds Spoof By Newbie Scribes: Video
by Mike Fleming Jr

UPDATE, 12:25 PM: HBO CEO Richard Plepler says he thought the video spoof by scribes Jim Mahoney and Zach Lewis “was funny” and “a nice compliment”. Speaking to Huffington Postwhile in Paris this week, Plepler said “If you’re on Saturday Night Live or parodied on Facebook you know you’re part of the cultural landscape” and the video indicates that HBO is “part of the global conversation”. “The guys who did this did great work. I laughed. I take it in the same manner in which it was intended, with a lot of humor,” Plepler said.

Read it all but first watch the video: