Here’s How the 2015 TV Pilot Season is Shaping Up


What’s that? You’re ready to bear down and write a TV pilot of your own. To sell to NBC, say, cuz if anybody needs new material it’s them? To give to agents so they’ll sign you, cuz if anybody ever needed an agent it’s you? To enter in TVWriter™’s own People’s Pilot Competition, cuz…well, erm, we’ll just let you fill in the blank.

Writing a pilot script is hands down the best way to get yourself noticed, but before you write you need to know a little something about what the pros already are doing. So you can get into the right mindset and take the Industry by storm. We ever-helpful minions at TVWriter™ have been scouring the interwebs looking for info that’ll help you in your efforts, and we think we’ve found exactly what y’all need.

Here it is. Lots of shows, heaps of potential, mountains of money to spend. Variety has the most complete list of what pilots are being shot and which shows have already been ordered to series that we’ve ever seen. Definitely worth a CLICK.

Break a leg! (But not a pencil. And especially not your mac.)