Herbie J Pilato on The New Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The New Academy Museum Brings Movies to Life with Visitors Front and Center
by Herbie J Pilato


That’s the first word that came to mind as I walked through the seemingly endless cinescopic-like halls of the brand-new beautiful Academy Museum of Motion Pictures located at 6067 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Enveloped by and amidst the all-surrounding wonder and visual and sound-effects of big-screen classics like The Wizard of Oz, and tributes to Bruce Lee, Spike Lee, and other legendary filmmakers and their work, a stroll up and down this very memorable movie lane of many layers is one like no other.

As the Museum’s brochure outlines, “The Academy Museum’s mission is to advance the understanding, celebration, and preservation of cinema through dynamic and accessible exhibitions, screenings, programs, initiatives, and collections.”

Suffice it to say, this mission is accomplished, bar-none, across the board.

Cher’s historic Oscar gown from 1988, among other such wardrobe accruements, graces the mighty halls of the Academy Museum, with peripheral visions like activist Sacheen Littlefeather speaking for Marlon Brandon in 1973, and Tatum O’Neal embracing her moment one year later

The various eclectic sectors of the Academy Museum feature displays, exhibits, and items situated on several different levels of distinction, literally and figuratively.

As the impressive facility’s brochure also explains….

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Herbie J Pilato, host of Then Again, a classic TV talk show streaming on Amazon Prime, is the author of several books about television. For more information, visit HerbieJPilato.com.

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