Interweb programming doesn’t require gatekeepers. If your work is good, there’s an online audience right there, waiting for it. And while your creation may not pay off financially at first, Big Media has eyes on the Net…and still way too much dinero to dole out. Here’s how it all breaks down:

rainn-wilson-the-officeby Adam Fike

So, you’d really, really like to make some kind of original online series. Or sketch or short. You have a pretty good idea, but . . . Seriously really’d like to, but . . . It’s just . . .

Bad news. Your excuses are dumb. And getting dumber. Things are happening and the very best time is now, from a digital film making standpoint, to throw some shit at the walls. There are some good examples listed below.

The walls around creating something for people to watch on television are very high. And the whole thing’s evidently a mystery to those on the inside as well. And all of the sudden, these walls are crumbling. Or, really, just shifting in a way that swings opportunity toward the rest of us.

It’s nothing personal. The movie business was so in the dumps by the ’70’s, it let wildly new ideas past the gatekeepers. A lot of it good, some not so good. But that era in film making meant everything to what we love to watch today.

Now is one of those in-between times. You don’t have to ask permission to be online. The meritocracy there is mind boggling, and maybe even a little evil. But that’s where the business is going. DVD revenue is gone forever. And the ability to create something that anyone can watch, right now, before anybody has a chance to stack the deck, puts you at a moment in time that it’s a shame not to take advantage of.

Here are those examples –

1) Networks are officially moving from reality to scripted content. Advertisers pay more and a hit can be more valuable over a longer period of time.

“We’re going into this because we feel like it will complement the schedule and, to a certain extent, round out what we are already doing on the unscripted side,” Bravo president Frances Berwick told the Los Angeles Times. “It was just time to do it.”

2) Actors are taking their weight in fun new directions. And that means they’re looking for your great idea. The nature of all this is adventurous and experimental. That’s their nature too!

Here’s what’s going on with Rainn Wilson….

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