Getcher Very Own TV & Film Piracy Site for Just $200

Fully loaded with content and branded the way you want it. Should we? Could we? Dare we? Whatcha think?

Your own piracy siteAre we crazy for being intrigued by this?

by Andy

Putting together a file-sharing site or service used to involve dozens to hundreds of hours of effort, and that’s without adding content or dealing with ongoing maintenance. Now a new service has appeared promising to make setting up a fully-loaded streaming portal a breeze. All that’s required is a server, a few minutes, and a minimum payment of $200.

During the past few years, streaming portals such as Movie2K/4K, Primewire, and other similar sites have gathered huge momentum. Offering movies directly in the browser after just a couple of clicks has opened these sites to even the least tech-savvy Internet user.

With bandwidth costs reducing and apparently good money to be made from streaming video, dozens of streaming sites have appeared hoping to take a piece of the pie. In some cases this has led to confusion, with the appearance of sitesdeliberately designed to look like those operated by competitors in order to steal traffic.

Those tired of such antics need to brace themselves, because thanks to a new service things are about to get a whole lot worse. Or better, depending on perspective.

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