Getcher Free Stock Footage!


Yo, video-makers. Oh, and film-makers too. New England Film wants you to know that they’re giving away a week of free access to download anything you want from their collection of 100,000+ video and sound clips. This includes motion backgrounds, sound effects, production music, and just generally neat stuff.

The idea is to increase our awareness of what it calls its Video Blocks material, and it’ll only be available to a limited number of users. No, we don’t know how many of users a limited number is, but we’d guess that it’s, you know, pretty limited. Which means that if you’re interested we suggest that you sign on and start assembling your freebies now.

Dontcha just love these TVWriter™ Public Service Announcements?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Actually, we just logged in and discovered that this place wants your payment info even though they say they aren’t going to charge you. We immediately said “Adios” because we’re always suspicious about these kinds of transactions. So all we can say is: Use caution.