Get Ready for the New PEOPLE’S PILOT

Nu PP-SS Capture

If you went to our site for the PEOPLE’S PILOT COMPETITION yesterday you probably noticed that, nope, unlike in previous years, we weren’t ready to open up the 2016 running of the contest on February 1st.

You may also have noticed some new verbiage on the home page as well:

Over $20,000 in prizes and bonuses!

Coming March 1 – the All-New 2016
(& Spec Scriptacular too)

Followed by:

New Categories – More Prizes – Longer Entry Period

We don’t want to give everything away just now – mainly because we haven’t finalized all the changes yet – but yeppers, LB has us TVWriter™ minions working our patooties off preparing for big changes to TVWriter™’s core contest.

So please, be patient. All will be revealed come the 1st of March.

And be happy too.

Cuz we really think you’re going to like what’s coming every bit as much as we do.

Bear with…

munchman & Team TVWriter™