Game Producer Talks about Game Writing

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Over the years, the Deus Ex series of video games has been highly successful. And in a world (our own, real world, we mean) where the look of something often seems to be all anybody cares about, the latest in the series Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, as demonstrated at last week’s PC Gaming Show appears to be no exception.

But the word “appears” is the important one here. Recently, Ars Technica’s Mark Walton talked to the game’s director, Mary DeMarle, and learned what to this TVWriter™ minion is a wonderful truth:

“When you’re writing a story, you’re trying to create an emotional experience that goes in one direction. A lot of times as a writer, when you’re writing a linear story, you really choose the moments that make that emotional arc for you. But here you have to be willing to realise that the player is making those choices, and what are the various possibilities that can stem from those choices… so a scene in a game you might experience as a two minute conversation, is often made with a 20-page script. If you figure that’s a minute a page, that’s how much dialogue there is to just make it flow back and forth. But it’s one of the challenges I like the most, to make sure we’re maintaining that emotional intensity no matter what.”

Ooh, we matter. We really, really matter.

Of course, nobody’s seen the whole game yet because it isn’t scheduled for releast till 2016, but still…

Have a look at the trailer for the game on YouTube. Or, hey, just start it up below:

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