“Friends With Better Lives”: If only the cast envied better writing

Once upon a time most television criticism read like this. Then it’s as though all critical faculties vanished from the planet. So TVWriter™ is really, really, really glad to have found…this:


by David Wiegand

It makes sense for CBS to introduce its newest sitcom, Friends With Better Lives, after the one-hour finale tonight of ratings magnet How I Met Your Mother.

The placement should give the new show a bit of a bump before it moves to its regular time slot next week.

It’s also good that Mother won’t be around then, though, because its presence would provide a weekly reminder of what a great ensemble show really is.

At any rate, here at last is a CBS show as mediocre as Mike & Molly, heretofore the weakest link in the network’s Monday-night sitcom chain.

Friends With Better Lives centers on several friends at various relationship stages — long married, single and looking, single and finding, on the verge of divorcing — who envy one another for reasons that will probably elude most viewers because the characters are too self-involved and uninteresting.

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Thank you, David Wiegand for making our day!