Frank Darabont said it, not us: “Movies have sucked for some years.”

But we agree. Our parents’ generation probably never thought anybody would say this, but here it is:

TV is where the mature stories are.

Gives us chills just to think about it.

mob-cityby Lesley Goldberg

Frank Darabont is happy to be working in television again.

Following his well-documented ouster from AMC’sThe Walking Dead, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption brings noir to TNT withMob City, a period drama following the LAPD’s attempts to bring down Mickey Cohen and the mob during the 1940s.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the showrunner to discuss TNT’s unique broadcast pattern, the appeal of doing the first season as a “limited” event series and why he thinks so many filmmakers and actors are flocking to the small screen.

Are you happy with airing as a limited series?

I’m absolutely delighted. I think it’s inspired to air two a night over three weeks because otherwise we’d be doing the difficult thing of an hour a night and football season gets in the way. Then the audience has to hunt for it. I think it’s a really smart way to go.

What do you think of the “limited series” phenomenon?

We were never really geared to be a limited miniseries. Think of this as a half a season. Just like when we started The Walking Dead, that was six episodes — a half a season. It’s just the way they’re airing it has created this impression that it’s a different kind of thing. It’s not. We shot these as individual hours just like any hour of television show

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