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We want this. We really do. (Or, to put it another way, “If you really love me, you’ll….” You get the idea.)

Handmade Doctor Who Chess Set Has All Your Favorite Characters – by Nicole Wakelin

I’ve never mastered the game of chess, but this incredible Doctor Who themed chess set really makes me want to give it another try. Each piece is handmade from polymer clay and some include a core made of metal wire. It’s intended to actually be used, not just displayed, so the pieces are nice and sturdy. The wooden chess board was not made by the seller, but modified to fit the theme. It folds in half to hold all the pieces safely.

Evil side:
King: The Dreamlord
Queen: Madam Kovarian
Bishops: Silence
Knights: Headless monks
Rooks: Pandorica’s
Pawns: Weeping angels

Good side:
King: The Doctor (Eleven)
Queen: River Song
Bishops: Amy & Amelia
Knights: Eyedrive Rory & Rory the Roman
Rooks: Tardises
Pawns: Dorium’s heads

This is a one of a kind piece and the seller emmiviser says she will not make another one. If you want this chess set, then you better act fast!

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Watch out for the evil bishops!