Five Reasons Why DANGER 5 is the Best Show on Netflix

We admit it – none of the TVWriter™ minions has seen DANGER 5 yet. But after seeing the review below, we’re on it. The ’60s! Superspies! Hitler! Is DANGER 5 really a kind of live action ARCHER? Let’s all find out together:

danger50by Sara Zaidi

Danger 5 is one of those rare gems on Netflix that will have you obsessed and wondering where this show has been your whole life. Seriously. Imagine if Quentin Tarantino directed a live action combination of Archer and Team America: World Police that’s set in the 60’s. Danger 5 follows a group of five super spies who are tasked with preventing Hitler from taking over the world. So why haven’t you heard of Danger 5 before?

It’s an Australian produced show that Americans haven’t been able to (legally) enjoy until last month when it was added to Netflix. Still unsure about Danger 5’s mix of silly satirical humor, absurd violence, and intentionally cheesy production values? What if I told you that Nazi dinosaurs are just part of what makes Danger 5 so great? Well here are five reasons why the first season will make Danger 5 your favorite show on Netflix:


1. Hitler’s Henchmen

Danger 5 not only embraces absurdity; it runs with it, too! Our intrepid spies that feature such hilarious characters like Jackson, the super manly American who constantly butchers pronunciations, battle against Hitler’s rather unique forces every episode. See, Hitler (with help from historical figures like Stalin and Mussolini) apparently takes inspiration from the best 60’s sci-fi as the heroes in Danger 5 must go up against everything from Nazi dinosaurs to mutants and, yes, even robots.

As if fighting such wonderfully ridiculous henchmen wasn’t good enough, the brilliant minds behind Danger 5 take it up a notch by bringing the Nazi creatures to life with (laughably) bad animation, costumes, and blatantly obvious use miniature models.

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