Finally – A Movie Version of a Judy Blume Book

willa-holland-tiger-eyesby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Amazingly, TIGER EYES, which is having a limited release because, we suppose, none of the right Big Media people believe in it, is the first of Judy Blume’s myriad Young Adult bestsellers to be made into a film.

Back in the ’70s, when Are You there God? It’s Me, Margaret, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and a ton of other Judy Blume books were selling even better than Marvel Comics, Ms. Blume made the mistake of turning down most of the film offers she got. Those she accepted ended up aborted. (And became a stinkeroo TV movie. Hey, it happens.)

So when she wanted to get her 1981 best-selling novel, Tiger Eyes to the screen, Ms. Blume had to do it herself. She wrote the script, her son, Lawrence Blume, directed, and the financing was set up via a small prodco called Amber Entertainment.

Is it a good film? As good as the book? We haven’t seen it yet, so we can’t say. We’ll all have to find out together when it’s released in early June in theaters and Video On Demand. Meanwhile, to whet all our appetites, have a trailer: