Extra! TVWriter™ Online Workshop Update…Update


Yesterday we announced that there was one opening left in the Advanced Online TV & Film Writing Workshop that starts this coming Wednesday, May 22nd.

And guess what? Today we have to amend that: The Advanced Workshop is filled. Our thanks to all of you who have done so much over the years to make our workshops so successful.

If you were thinking about joining in but hadn’t gotten around to it yet, don’t despair. LB holds these workshops in a regular cycle of 4 weeks on, 1 week off, so you’ll have another chance in June.

And while we’re at it we’re duty-bound to remind everybody that both our My-T-Fine writing contests, the People’s Pilot and the Spec Scriptacular, are heading around the far turn. Only 16 days left before they close!

We return you now to our regular scheduled…stuff.

You can find more info on our TVWriter University page.

And more about the contests by clicking on the garish red band at the top of the page. (You know, the one that says “People’s Pilot & Spec Scriptacular Contests Close in…” Oh, hell, make it easy on yourself and CLICK HERE.