Don’t Forget to Watch the Return of SAILOR MOON!

As our favorite press release has it:

sailor-moon-japanese-press-release-tvwriter.comOr, to put it another way:

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?In collaboration with Kodansha Ltd., Toei Animation Co., Ltd., will manufacture a new animation series “Sailor Moon”. Note that the new animation, to the whole world simultaneous delivery video distribution site in “Nico Nico Douga” was decided.

The “Sailor Moon” new animation, is produced as part of the “” Sailor Moon “20th anniversary project” of the popular group “Momoiro Clover Z” is responsible for the theme song. Follow-up on the project, “Sailor Moon” 20th anniversary project official site (in the future is at any time will be announced at). Please pay attention to us.

[Producer] Umezawa AtsushiMinoru

Rather than remake the old work anime, that animated from scratch again the authorship of Takeuchi teacher, re-animated “This of” Sailor Moon “is a project outrageous. It is not until now, a whole new” so we work hard all the staff in order to show you to everyone Sailor Moon “, please stay tuned.”

[Director Sakai Munehisa comment]

It was not more also think it becomes that they are responsible in the 20 years never work. This begins just a year you joined “Toei Animation, gained popularity in a moment, but envy the staff who participated at that time Because it was looking askance of, it is thanks to this Tour of alignment. I’ll try. “

["Sailor Moon" new animation Overview]
<Delivery Overview>
The worldwide simultaneous distribution video distribution site in "Nico Nico Douga": delivery
Official site: Http://Sailormoon-official.Com/


Hara Written by Naoko Takeuchi

Director: SakaiSokyu

Series Composition: Yuji Kobayashi

Animation Production: Toei Animation


[As “Sailor Moon” is]

Started the monthly magazine series “good friend” in (Kodansha) from 1992, girls’ comics of Naoko Takeuchi original. Plays a mix of media, such as animation, drama, musical of, I caused a big boom worldwide. Musical that starts the 20th anniversary of the project from 2012, the first time in eight years at AiiA Theater Tokyo in September 2013 also staged. Original Comics “Sailor Moon full version” is also published every month from November 2013.

Got it now? Yeah, right. Sure you do.

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