TV Writing Deals: Does TV Need Yet Another Version of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO?

old monte cristo
No, this isn’t bad photoshopping. It just looks that way.


by munchman

Spike TV is developing this ancient but exciting story as some kind of undetermined limited series thing, and yer munchy one, for, um, one, is unimpressed. The pic above is from the 1934 film version starring Robert Donat.

There was no WGA to make the studios put writer’s names on the posters back then but the writers of this, the first talking version of the novel to go to film, were Philip Dunne, Rowland V. Lee, and Dan Totheroh, who may or may not have been household names back then.

I’ve seen most of the versions of ze Count and have even read the book, which is loong, let me tell ya. This particular film probably is the best telling of the story ever, and because of that I’d planned on doing a rant about how worthless re-tellings are.

But then I realized that I’m always attracted to re-dos, whether I want to be or not. When it comes to stories of any kind, yers truly is like a 2 year old who wants his (can’t say “her” if it’s about me, can I?) daddy to read the same book the same way every night. So why should I be surprised that studio executives and, yes, it’s true, audiences go in for the same thing?

No writer is attached to the Spike project yet. Who knows? One of us could even end up with the gig. If you get it, promise you’ll try to make it good, okay? I’ll do the same. Because you asked for it, or would’ve if you could, here’s a taste of the target we want to outdo: