David Shaw Talks About David Shaw

David ShawWhich had to be really hard for him because David was a very modest man.

Here’s how LB, who worked with him on the highly regarded series MEDICAL STORY, puts it:

David Shaw was one of my mentors, a wise, kind, and amazingly patient human being who put up with all my childish foolishness back in the early ’70s when we both were Story Consultants on the NBC show MEDICAL STORY.

Like the series, which was created by Oscar winning screenwriter Abby Mann, David was a class act. He not only helped me learn about writing but also about getting along with other people, even monsters like our executive producer David Gerber. Without David, I never could have survived that show and gone on to the rest of my career.

Shaw, who died at 91 in 2007, was one of the Masters of the Golden Age of TV Drama back in the 1950s. He worked as either a freelance writer or staff producer-story editor on THE PHILCO-GOODYEAR PLAYHOUSE, MR. PEEPERS, THE DEFENDERS, wrote the book for the Broadway play REDHEAD, and many, many more.

David Shaw worked with the greats. And never realized that he was one himself. He was that kinda guy:


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