Crowdfunding: Puppets! Puppets! We Loves Us Our Puppets!

tumblr_m29v6iLGbU1r4qh2xo1_1280Robin Walsh, who among her other talents is an insanely skilled puppeteer extraordinaire, is a longtime TVWriter™ pal. Which means – but of course – that she is to be trusted implicitly in all things.

The other day she tipped us to this amazing puppet and mask show on Indiegogo. It’s called LUNATIC CUNNING, and its chief lunatic, the amazing James Godwin, has already shown us more cunning artistry than we knew puppets could have.

This one’s definitely worth a look. And a contribution or two.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves:

Admit it. You thought this was amazing, right? So what better way to show appreciation than to hie thee over to LUNATIC CUNNING’s Indiegogo page?

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