What is it about the (hopefully) upcoming feature length film CAIHONG CITY that gets our imaginations all aflutter?

Is it the unicorns? The “rainbowed slums?” The idea of heroes who have to complete a “supertask?” The fact that all this fantasy is being shot in Brooklyn, and Romania too?

Oh, wait. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the combo of all of the above. In point of fact, CAIHONG CITY is an indie science fiction film shot in Brooklyn and Romania by a crew of over a hundred artists: industry professionals, art educators, freelance artists, film students from the US (New York, Iowa, California, Georgia), Romania, China, Colombia, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada, Italy. Inasmuch as we’ve lived in a few of those cities and visited 6 of those countries, we’re already inclined to be intrigued.

Join us now for some details, direct from filmmaker Florina Titz herself. (Real name? Um…we aren’t sure. But wouldn’t that be supertask cool?)

The film tells the story of a dying Chinese genius (played by Chinese actor and writer Zhao Lewis Liu) who hopes to gain access to the perfect world of Furui City by completing a Supertask. When a glitch appears in his Supertask…and he loses all faith, he becomes acquainted with a homeless crazy Russian (played by internationally acclaimed actor Marian Adochitei, nominated for Palme D’or in 2012) and a chronically depressed Romanian prostitute. Together they depart on a dark adventure through the rainbowed slums — not just to find the answer to Liu Junjie’s glitch—but also to unveil the city’s darkest and most well kept secrets.

Check out the teaser for CAIHONG CITY:

And don’t forget to visit its Kickstarter page.

Oh, and it’s muy cool website as well.