Crowdfunding: DELTA BLUE: Firefly Meets The Blues In This Genre-bending Thriller

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by Chris Hadley

Since the dawn of the 20th century, one of America’s best loved and most enduring forms of popular music has been the blues. It’s a style of music that emerged from the South during the shameful era of slavery and racism that permeated the region in the early 1900’s, and from those humble beginnings its persistent, guitar backed rhythms and passionate lyrics would soon become the basis for modern rock ’n roll.

It’s also music that has contributed to the soundtracks of countless movies and TV series, and in the upcoming sci-fi web series DELTA BLUE, the Deep South, the blues and the seedy culture that surrounded it in its infancy provides the backbone for a thriller set in a mythical world tainted by greedy profiteers; one that three disparate individuals band together to save.

Created, written, produced and directed by Cameron J. Smith, DELTA BLUE’s Kickstarter campaign began on Thursday, May 1st, and is seeking to raise $6,000 to produce the first three episodes of its 12 episode first season.

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The deadline for the campaign is May 31st, and if successful, production on DELTA BLUE will begin later this summer, with a tentative premiere date sometime later this year. An introductory trailer is also viewable via the show’s Kickstarter and Youtube pages, and the series will air both on Youtube and its own official web site upon its launch.

DELTA BLUE focuses on the exploits of three people whose personalities and outlooks on life could not be more different, but whose goals become very much the same after a series of bizarre, unexplained events occur on the planet Delta. It’s a planet that has an abundance of new technologies, and it’s those that the group tries to grab from the clutches of the shadowy Capitol Corporation, an outfit that uses Delta’s residents as slave labor in producing its products while depriving them of the right to use them.

Though not taking place in any particular point in time, DELTA BLUE is heavily rooted in the deep South, the early beginnings of blues music and the often turbulent heritage it grew out of. In fact, DELTA BLUE is based heavily in  ”bluespunk”, a storytelling genre that combines sci-fi with tales of the dark, dangerous world of the depression-era South.