Crowdfunding: Toejam and Earl are BACK IN THE GROOVE

Toejam and Earl on

Holy Shitoli, girls and boys! TVWriter™’s absolute all-time favorite video game, circa the knock-knock-knocking Nineties is back and Kickstarter’s got it!

And when we say it’s TVWriter™’s fave we mean it. LB and munchman first bonded while playing the original version of the game at LB’s house back when they both lived in sunny L.A., LB right on the border between Malibu and Westlake Village and munchman in homey Thousand Oaks. They’ve both moved about a zillion times since then, but wherever they’ve gone, they’ve brought their old Sega game machines and the carts that mean more to them than any other: TOEJAM & EARL and its sequel.

Now Greg Johnson, one of the two original creators – and still one of the owners of the property – is looking for interweb backers to help him bring the concept back to life…entirely new and different and, simultaneously, exactly the way it was before. According to Greg, TOEJAM & EARL: BACK IN THE GROOVE will be the “ultimate…sequel that the fans have been asking for all these years.”

To be a bit more specific:

Will it be like game one or game two, you ask?  Well… (holding breath)… mainly like game one.  We plan to go old school with this one. Fixed isometric camera, 2D sprites, simple controls, and an emphasis on coop play. It will also pull in some of the more beloved elements from game two, AND we have a list of exciting new gameplay elements planned as well.

The new elements include each player’s ability to make her or his character say whatever each wants to the other player on the screen, split screen view, stacked, randomly generated levels, new (as well as old) Earthlings and presents, a ’90s underground comics look to the art, which also will feature state of the art 3D graphics.

There’s a lot more to say about this, and Greg says it on the TOEJAM & EARL: BACK IN THE GROOVE Kickstarter page. So hie thyselves over that way, gang, and be prepared to pull the PayPal or credit card trigger. We’re recommending this one to the max!